Using our custom 3D control model we were able to make a complex system very easy to control. Having this many TV’s and speakers through a home could be very difficult to manage and without a good control system may not get used to it’s potential. With our programming, the customer is able to easily view what lights, TV’s and audio zones are on in the home by glancing at the 3D floorplan on the wall mount or floating iPads throughout the home and turn them off/on, change sources and control every aspect of the experience very easily. When they leave the home all they need to do is push ‘Away’ and all the Audio/Video Zones including the TV’s turn off along with all lights apart from a pre-defined path of light going to the garage and exterior.

Below are some control screenshots from one of the iPads along with some pics throughout the home. Notice how closely matched the model is to the actual home, this makes it very easy to identify the rooms you are controlling.



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