Upper-Floor rev 2Tech-Home Solutions Ltd. is a custom Integration company servicing Calgary, AB and surrounding areas. We specialize in whole home automation and control of Audio/Video, Lighting/Shading, Climate and Surveillance systems making the most complex systems user friendly largely based on 3D modelling and simple handheld remote controls.

Tech-Home Solutions Ltd. brings your new or existing home up to spec for the digital home by designing a system within your budget and desires. A lot of homes being built today are still being wired in a way that limits the options for proper system integration and customers are frustrated when they are told this after it’s too late. If you’re building a new home, please spend some time either researching this or calling an integration company like ourselves who can help. This is the biggest problem that we see by far in our industry and there’s not a lot that can be done after the home is built in most cases. View this article for more info; Tech-Home Blog

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