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Home Automation System

09 September

This customer wanted to have complete control of their home including lighting and window shades without all the clutter of banks of light switches on the walls and AV gear in the rooms. Most of the light switches were hidden in closets throughout the home and replaced with simple, single gang scene keypads which allows for control over any combination of lights and window shades throughout the home with a single button press. For this we used Lutron Radio RA2 and incorporated Lutron QS Triatholon Shading for lighting and shade control. They also have full control over the home including all AV gear, Lighting, Shading, Cameras, Security, etc… using the RTI KX7 7″ master keypad or portable iPads which incorporate our Custom 3D Control Model. We placed RTI KX2 keypads through the home for simple single zone operation of everything in that zone along with single zone remotes at each TV location. Lastly we included a simple 2 button ‘Home and Away’ keypad at the entry way and 8 button keypad at the bedside for quick Automation Activity selection. As usual, most of the gear is located in a Middle Atlantic equipment rack in the equipment room out of site.

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