Equipment Cleanup with Media Center

The wiring for this home was originally all brought into this cabinet in the media room instead of to the large equipment room less than 10 feet away. This creates a wiring nightmare since there’s little room to work in cabinets, very little space for upgrading or adding gear and heat becomes a major problem. For every 10 degree increase in temperate reduces your equipment life by ~ 40%.

The customer wanted to hide the equipment, add a Media Center to store all of their DVD’s, Music, Pictures, etc… and make it easier for anyone to use (Exchange all of the remotes for one simple RF remote).

Since the only reasonable option we had was to work with the cabinet (The routing to move the wiring to the equipment room was very limited), we modified the cabinet doors to a light mesh and installed two Middle Atlantic Cab-Cool fans to create some air flow.

One URC MX-880 RF Remote controls the whole system with simple activity based buttons like, ‘Watch Media Center’ to turn on the equipment including the TV and setting everything to the correct inputs without having to point the remote at anything.