New Home Build in a Remote Location

23 February

We often get asked to handle jobs outside of our region and although it can be difficult, sometimes we decide to take on the job if we’re confident in the sub trades. Generally we want to handle the rough in, rack build and obviously the programming/system layout and design however, on remote jobs we’ll often hand off at least the rough in portion and instead ask the trade to do the rough in as per our pre-defined standards and specifications. This particular job was an example of where we had the on site electrician handle the complete rough in and we handled the completion without any major issues and only 3 days on site with one guy.  We can handle any changes to programming remotely so since the original install  in January of 2014 we’ve only been back once to do some firmware updates etc… The home has 11 zones of audio, 4 zones of video along with full lighting control all being controlled via iPhones, iPads handheld remotes and one central touchscreen keypad with full Automation.

Below are some pictures the home along with some control screenshots. This was done using our older 3D model layouts which weren’t quite as detailed as our current models.

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