This customer had just moved into a home that came with a rack full of automation gear which she didn’t understand or give a lot of thought to during the purchase. After taking possession, she came to the unfortunate conclusion that the system was overwhelming and needed service and that’s when we were contacted. The previous integration company was no longer in business so we came in and fixed a few of the issues she was having but over time she got frustrated with different things failing and having to have us back to constantly address them.

The first time we came to the house and saw the rack I had mentioned that if it were up to me I’d spend the time to clean up/rebuild the rack and reprogram the system because it’s very difficult to work on in its current state and the interface was far too complicated for her. There was a lot of extra gear that wasn’t required and was mostly at fault for the issues she was having.

The system seemed to have a lot of ‘Trial and error’ or ‘Do It Yourself’ aspects which creates far too many failure points and confusion for the average homeowner to deal with. Our systems are designed to be simple to use, understand and service so we wanted to get her system to this level so she could enjoy it as she should. Eventually she decided it was time to go ahead with the rebuild we came in and got rid of all the equipment and wiring that wasn’t needed for her everyday use. The rack and equipment room is now clean and the system is easier to use than most standard homes are today.

Here are some before and after shots of the equipment room.

The Control system is RTI using remotes and keypads along with a couple iPads, one in wall and one countertop. We added in Sonos for music instead of the existing hard drive based network media server and changed the camera system over to HIK Vision Turbo HD from the older analogue based cameras.


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