Proper Audio/Video Prewire is Often Overlooked

26 January


We far too often come across homes that are still being roughed in with insufficient cabling routed to the wrong places. For example we often see whole home audio wiring being dropped behind a cabinet in a living or bonus room while all the video runs go to the equipment room. This means that not only is the audio for the home now split apart from the video (You can’t play any of your video sources through the ceiling speakers), the customer is now left with having a whole home audio amp stuck in a cabinet with a mess of wiring and generating a lot of heat in an enclosed space. There’s no reason to have equipment in living areas anymore as the majority of the control systems today are RF based instead of IR so you don’t need line of sight to control them.



We get called into brand new homes all the time in order to set up a system and have to inform the customer that not a lot can be done since they only have a single coax sent to the TV locations. It should have only cost a fraction more to have had the proper prewire pulled to the TV’s at the same time they were pulling the coax. The response is almost always severe frustration in not being told this up front.


Tech-Home Solutions Ltd. runs all wiring to a common location hidden away from general use so that it’s out of site, clean and allows for very simple distribution of all current and future technologies through the home. We run sufficient wire and cable to allow for virtually any type of layout/equipment chosen for the completion down the road.


We install speaker rough in brackets for all ceiling speaker locations. This makes the speaker install quick, clean and always in the right place. A lot of companies are still not doing this which makes it more difficult for completion, can leave far more room for error, will take much longer to install (Extra labour dollars), and creates drywall dust all over the place generally after the customer has moved in.


For video distribution we offer a bundled cable which includes a duplex multi mode fiber to prepare for future technologies. A new resolution standard (4k or Ultra High Definition) has already been released to replace 1080p which could eventually push current video distribution systems to obsolescence. Fiber will easily allow for plenty of headroom that may be required for this and future technologies.

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    Those are really the things that are mostly overlooked. Good to point it out in your post! For sure, everyone will find this post useful at some point!

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