This is a job we took on west of Montreal along the Ottawa river so we had to ship all the gear there and fly in from Calgary for the completion which meant we only had a set window of 5 days to get it done.

The home has 10 audio zones, 4 video zones, full lighting and climate control all of which are controlled by using our single simple interface on iPads, phones, and a central touchscreen keypad in the home. There is also keypads for audio only zones and simple ‘One touch’ remotes for the video zones. As usual, the AV gear is all hidden away in a central rack enabling all the rooms in the home to be free of messy electronics and wiring so they’re able to have a very modern, clean and simple look throughout the home.

The rough in was handled by a local company during construction of the home so that we didn’t have to fly in to take care of it. This was an example of how important a proper rough in is and why we generally want to take care of this ourselves. We too often come across jobs where because of the rough in, we either have to waste a lot of extra time on completion or worse; the wrong wires are run or they’re run along with electrical lines causing interference on them sometimes making them useless completely wiping out video or audio zones.

If we’re not able to handle the rough in ourselves for any reason, we’ll hand off our guidelines to the company contracted for it and as long as these are followed there’s generally no issues, however, in this case they weren’t followed unfortunately which made a lot more work up front making the days much longer than planned and cost the customer extra labour.

This is the mess of wiring that was left for us by the company that handled the rough in. Wiring was labeled by the bundle instead of individually so each wire had to be re-labeled so that when we pulled the bundles down we didn’t lose the labeling:

All of the low voltage wiring was completely tangled into the mess of electrical wiring even though we had instructed the company to keep the wiring away from any electrical runs:

They even taped the low voltage wiring to the electrical lines in some places:

We had to waste a good part of a full day pulling all the low voltage wiring out of this mess and organizing it as much as possible before starting the rack build:

Finally we were able to build the rack to our usual standards:



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