Automation and Control

Imagine when you pull up to your home at night and hit the garage door opener the lights come on inside and outside giving you a path to the kitchen. The TV turns on to your favourite channel in the living room and the kitchen plays your favourite playlist and the temperature is set to a comfortable level for that time of day. If you pull up in the daylight, the home does something completely different…

Control your entire home and monitor the status of lights, HVAC, cameras and audio/video components from any computer either in the home or from a remote location. A quick glance at a floorplan shows what lights are on in the home. Simply touch (Using a touchscreen PC) or click the room you want to turn off or on. Easily see which rooms have Audio Video equipment power on as well and simply touch the room to turn it off.

Home Automation can be as simple as pushing a ‘Good Morning’ button on your remote control or in-wall keypad to initiate a series of events such as; slowly turn the lights on in the master bedroom and ensuite and turn the ensuite TV to the morning news.

It can also give you the comfort and security while you’re away that you’ve never imagined possible. Push the ‘Away’ button when you leave the house and the home is now in a pre-defined Away Mode; All of the TV’s and audio gear turn off, Your HVAC turns to a certain level to save energy until you return, the lights turn on and off in certain areas of the home at certain times of the day depending on how much daylight there is, the TV comes on for half an hour or so at night and all the surveillance cameras are set to record any time they sense motion and send you an email to your phone to notify you so you can log in to view the activity.

Home Automation can help you make today’s complex home tasks as easy as pushing a button or even simply walking into a room. Let us show you how to make this a reality in your home.

Tech-Home Solutions uses RTI Corporation for Home Automation control along with Lutron and Aprilaire Lighting and HVAC subsytem control.

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