With the increased focus on energy efficiency these days, automated lighting is gaining momentum. With a proper lighting system, you’ll be less likely to leave lights on in areas that you don’t need them.

With the same remote you use for your home entertainment system, you can have the ability to turn on/off and set the levels of any combination of lights in your home. Maybe at the end of the day you like to watch TV in the bedroom before going to sleep. Simply hit the TV/Lights Out button on your remote and the TV comes on, turns to your favourite channel, and all the lights in the house are set to a pre-defined setting.

With proper lighting control you have the ability to program your lights to change settings in away mode giving the appearance that someone is home.

2015-08-27 22.39.43Our custom 3D model lighting control interface makes viewing and controlling the lights in your home simple from either your phone/ iPad while home or away or a touchscreen keypad in the home. With one screen you can view which rooms have lights on and simply click on the room to turn all lights on (To a customizable scene) or off.

Get rid of ‘Wall Clutter’ by replacing gangs of traditional light switches with a single multi-scene keypad.

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2015-09-02 10.01.0220140521_163955Simplify the rough in and operation of lighting in your home by replacing 3 and 4 way circuits with keypads and centralizing all of your lighting circuits (Switches and dimmers) to a central hidden location. Turning individual lights on with light switches is now a thing of the past; instead get into the scene mindset where you’re controlling multiple switches/dimmers with a single button press.

All of these hidden dimmers on the can be controlled with simple keypads placed throughout the home.

Our lighting control systems are available for both new construction and retrofit jobs.

Tech-Home Solutions is an Authorized Lutron Preferred Systems Provider.

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