Video Surveillance in the home today is becoming very popular and has many advantages over a standard security system. Instead of only being notified when someone has broken into your home we can see the action and also monitor around the yard and vehicles for prowlers even if they haven’t triggered an alarm. With todays technology the images are much clearer than they ever have been before.

Someone Checking Vehicles – Click for full size

All cameras are hooked up to their own Network Video Recorder and can be set up to record on motion detection for a period of time before and after the event so if you’re away and someone comes to your front door or there’s some activity in the house you’ll get a notification to your phone letting you know there’s been activity on a certain camera. You can then open the app to view the camera live or replay the event.

Someone Checking Vehicles – Click for full size

We can even program your TV to pause what you’re watching and switch to the front door camera when someone rings the doorbell…

Thief Looking Around in the Dark – Click for Full Size

Tech-Home Solutions uses various IP Cameras and NVR’s with the latest in night vision and resolution which is currently up to 4k (3840×2160@20fps).

There is no monthly charges for our surveillance systems.

Thief After Breaking In – Click for Full Size

The image below shows a search window with motion events shown in yellow at the bottom of the screen so you can quickly see when there was activity.

Motion Triggered Playback – Click for Full Size

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