Whole home audio is nothing new but bringing all of your video sources to every TV in the home brings incredible flexibility and functionality to the home. Imagine you’re watching a recorded show or Movie in your living room and decide you’d like to finish it in bed; just push ‘Power’ on your remote and a screen on the remote asks if you’d like to continue in the bedroom. Select ‘Yes’ and the living room system turns off while the bedroom turns on and is ready for you to simply push ‘Play’ when you’re ready to continue. Having the ability to view your whole home in a 3D format too see what sources are playing in each zone with the ability to simply click on the room to turn that zone off/on or change sources can be very useful in large homes with a lot of audio video zones and sources.

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You now have the ability to centralize all of you Audio and Video Sources in one location eliminating the need for a cable/satellite box, Blu-Ray player, game console, iPod, etc… in every room that you want to use them. A central rack hidden away in a remote location in the house (Usually the basement equipment room) contains all of the gear allowing you to use it in any zone of the home. You can have the iPod playing through the kitchen speakers while the kitchen TV is showing the Bonus Room camera keeping an eye on the kids watching a movie. If you decide you want to now watch the same movie simply select which room or rooms you want it to be displayed using the remote.

Having people over to watch the game? Select ‘Hockey Party’ on any remote or keypad and the Living Room, Theater and Bar systems power up and change to TSN HD while the kitchen TV changes to your favourite pictures to show a slide show in the background for all the people hanging out in the kitchen not watching the game…

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