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Tech-Home Solutions has been amazing concerning our RTI system (3D, lighting-Radio RA2, security cameras, alarm system connectivity, and sound). We moved into our custom built home just over 1 year ago and the system they installed for us is spectacular. My wife would tell you that I spent far too much time researching the home automation aspect of our build, but I am very happy I did. It makes such a pleasurable difference in our daily living. I’m a very particular person and did a lot of research concerning the available systems and their capabilities (ex. Control4). After talking with 2 other providers, I came across Tech-Home and was very impressed with Craig’s knowledge, ability to explain the system, and it’s compatibility with future potential upgrades. The RTI system is without a doubt a superior system due to it’s ability to “talk” with other systems. This was very appealing to me as I wanted to use some of my existing electronics, but also wanted the ability to upgrade a variety of things in the future without being tied to a certain brand, system, etc. From my findings, RTI’s pricing is more reasonable versus other systems. As I’m sure you know, proper home automation systems are an investment and pricing can easily get out of hand. Craig is very good at keeping things practical, but can also do some very unique things should you decide to get fancy. 

Craig’s work is meticulous, like I mean perfect. Again, I’m very particular and certainly consider Craig the same. For example, I’ve had so many positive comments on the hardware rack they built in my mechanical room because it’s truly a piece of art. To me, it’s the little things that make a world of difference like having the cables labelled, tied in together without tangles, and run in the walls away from power to avoid interference. These kind of things are a basic standard for Tech-Home. I’ve seen a number of other jobs done by their competitors and it’s far too common to see shoddy work. You won’t find Craig applying a half-measure to anything he does for his clients. There have been a few very minor things that have needed a quick tune-up, but I truly mean minor. He is very responsive to resolving these issues. I’ve never been frustrated as he’s always quick to respond with an easy and quick fix. In fact, many of these fixes can even be done remotely. His service is top notch. 

Craig is a very honest, prompt, clean living, upstanding individual and he is a true pleasure to work with. And I really do mean that. Throughout our build, Tech-Home was one of the best trades to deal with. Craig is very down to earth and will work with you to design the most practical system based on your budget. He’s also very good at communicating with electricians and alarm installers regarding wiring requirements. This was a huge help concerning our build. Given his experience, he’s very accurate and forthcoming with his quoting and will guide you throughout the install to ensure you’re fully aware of any potential upgrade/add-on costs. There was never a time where I was suspicious, felt pushed, or taken advantage of. He’s simply not that kind of person. In addition, he provided excellent suggestions that has made our system that much better.