Some of our competitors are still planning systems based on Component Video distribution for video which will severely limit the customer’s options in the near future because of a plan to disable HD through this format so the only option for HD is HDMI.

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HDMI video distribution can be difficult to master in comparison to Component Video however the benefits if done properly are far greater. It’s important to ensure that you’re dealing with a company with plenty of experience when going with HDMI video distribution as they’ve been through a lot of the common issues that can arise and have learnt how to overcome them. Tech-Home Solutions Ltd. has been using HDMI for video distribution since 2011 and has worked with Key Digital as our main supplier since then.

Our automation and control solutions are largely based on 3D modelling of your floor plan making it very easy to navigate and view current status of the home. We also use a system that allows us to integrate virtually any device and create a completely custom interface for each home unlike a lot of our competitors that use a popular closed system where you have one interface and only a certain set of devices that you can control.

Here’s a quick preview of a 3D model showing the lights on in a few rooms;


The user simply touches the room you would like to control to turn the lights on and off. The lighting is scene based so selecting the room can turn on any number of lights in that room to a desired and customizable level, selecting it again turns the whole room off.

We generally use iPads, Tablets, iPhones or Android devices for home control (A wide selection of 2 Way RF Remotes are also available) either in the form of a wall mount keypad, stand alone or both. Here’s a demo of using the iPad as a central keypad for the whole home;

An Audio/Video Control Screenshot is below. Simply touch a room you want to control then select the source on the next page. Everything will turn on and the controller then changes to a screen to control that activity in the selected zone with an option to touch other rooms to change them to the same activity.


The majority of the equipment is situated in a rack in the equipment room.

2013-08-15 17.20.38 - Copy

This is only a few examples of the capabilities of the systems we design.


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