New / Existing Home Wiring

The backbone of any system is the wiring which can be quite extensive for large installations. We see too many new homes going up today with only a very basic structured wiring package that doesn’t allow for many of the new technologies available today.

new wiring and cable routing

We believe the major reason for this is because the homeowner may not be aware of the possibilities and the importance of having the proper wiring done up front to allow for a broad range of systems installed in the future. We often hear the comment ‘If I only knew that we could do this when we were building (Or renovating) I would have done my wiring differently’ when we walk into a fully developed home where the customer wants to upgrade their system.

Tech-Home Solutions uses bundled cables whenever possible to limit the number of runs required and also to make the final configuration easier due to less individual wires to sort through.

In the end your home will be ready for a broad range of configurations and systems.

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