Home Automation System Rebuild

04 September

This customer had contracted another Integration company to handle their system build however in the end they were left with a non functioning system with a mess of cable and equipment in the end. Tech-Home Solutions Ltd. was then contracted to come and perform a system rebuild and get everything working properly. After 2 days of completely dismantling the rack back down to bare (Mostly unlabelled) cable and rebuilding a smaller more functional rack the customer was up and running with the majority of the system operational. These pictures show the state of the system when we started and then the completion pictures when we were done.

This is how everything looked when we started (The TV’s were left with cables hanging off the bottom that didn’t work and the rack was a mess of mostly unlabeled wiring):

This is us tearing the rack apart (We decided it was easier for us to start over again then it was to try to fix what was there):

This is how it looked when we were done along with some control screenshots (We were able to combine the 2 original fixed racks into one Middle Atlantic rack on wheels which enables us to pull it out and spin it around to work on it and frees up floor space):

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