Audio/Video System in a Mountain Retreat

09 September

Tech-Home Solutions Ltd. was contracted to design and install the Audio/Video portion of this Mountain Retreat. The customer wanted a minimal simple system and didn’t want to see stacks of AV gear in the rooms. They only wanted a couple TV’s; one in the kitchen that they could also view from the nook and then another in the basement den where they could watch movies or sports and have a bit of a Home Theater with surround sound. Unfortunately, we didn’t do the Audio/Video rough in for this job and the wiring wasn’t run properly for the den. Although the video cables were run properly from the display to the rack location, the only speaker wire that was run in this location was from the rear speakers to the TV port above the fireplace which is also where the subwoofer was roughed into. This may have been OK if we could put a home theater amp along with all of the source equipment at the TV and tie in the speakers and subwoofer from there, however, as you can see from the picture, there is no room for this right at the TV mounted above the fireplace and the customer’s desire to not see AV Gear would be severely diminished. After exhausting all options to re-run cabling, in the end we had to install non functioning rear speakers in the ceiling (Simply to fill the holes) and use a soundbar with a wireless subwoofer plugged into the TV so the sound is at least better than using only the TV speakers. The system is controlled using an iPad via the RTiPanel app along with single remotes for each TV.

Demo Video:


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